My fave tools for social media

Last weekend I had the most wonderful weekend. Friday night I was definitely experiencing FOMO but then I realised this could be a whole weekend for ME. So, I had a life admin weekend.

I completed all the paperwork I had lying around. I’ve gone totally paperless and have some nifty little tools to help me with this, I’ve just gotta keep up with my own systems. But more on that another time. I cleaned the house and my car, I walked the dogs, I cooked, I watched sex and the city, I went to yoga, I went for a big walk and spent some time with my mum. Absolute bliss.

During this time, my social media presence did not evaporate. The most important thing with social media is to show up! But how can you do that if you’re away or need some time out? Well, you could use one of these amazing tools I use for myself and my clients.


1) – this is my go-to for scheduling Instagram posts. Instagram has a rule that you can’t post to Instagram automatically but works around this by sending you a notification on your phone so you just open up the post and press a button and voila! All posted! I love because you can see a preview of how your feed is going to look. Plus it’s super simple to use.

2) – great for scheduling everything else. I must admit, I don’t currently use this but it provides a great free plan.

3)    Sprout social – this is what I use for myself and my clients. It gives me amazing analytics reporting tools so I can really narrow in on what’s working for my clients and what’s not. It also saves me a tonne of time when it comes to my monthly reporting on results for clients.

So, here’s what I suggest in regard to your social media. Sit down every Sunday evening (or once a month, up to you) and look at what’s coming up. Are there any international days you need to acknowledge? Is there any big news in your biz? Do you have a new program to sell or a brand new product or a special? Save great content to repost during the week (you can do this through buffer!).

I recommend (if you’re in the lifestyle or health industries) posting on instagram twice a day. For Facebook, I really recommend getting as much video footage as possible. The way Facebook’s algorithm’s are working at the moment means that your post will be shown to a larger audience. Please tell me you didn’t think that just because someone likes your page, they’ll see your post?

Mix it up a bit with photos and quotes. I’m a big fan of some motivational quotes. It allows me to incorporate my branding and keep consistency in my feed. Plus, they often get reposted and have my website at the bottom of the image. To create these, I use Canva is a great tool because it’s free and has a tonne of templates to make design simple.