5 quick tips to up your social media game

Time and time again I see basic mistakes and small tweaks my clients could be making that would make ALL the difference with their social media presence. Here are the most common mistakes and tweaks I see popping up.

1)    The Golden Rule

Never EVER like your own post. Just don’t do it. It looks desperate.

2)    If you’re using an app such as later media for the love of dogs please please change the caption. Imagine if you had a designer talking about ‘my latest piece’ and then you’ve gone and regrammed it without changing the caption? It looks lazy and turns people off. By all means share content and curate content in your feeds but please personalise it.

3)    If you’re going to share something straight to Facebook from Instagram PLEASE delete the hashtags once posted on Facebook. Research has shown that engagement really decreases when pictures are hashtagged on Facebook. Again, it’s about tailoring your social media for each platform.

4)    When hashtagging on Instagram, it’s best to put the hashtags in the first comment directly below the post. It looks 114% cleaner and far less spammy.

5)    Make sure you use 20 – 30 hashtags for EVERY post on Instagram. This will maximise your reach and hopefully some new followers will find you!

6)    Inject some fun and personality into your captions. Tell a story, don’t sell features, be likeable! This is my number 1 tip – just do it! Experiment with what kind of stories get the most engagement. Don’t be afraid to write three or four paragraphs on Instagram.


Okay, so I lied. That’s actually six tips but number 1 really doesn’t count because you should know that already.