The new Facebook Business Page rules

I finished reading Jab Jab Jab Right Hook By Gary Vaynerchuck recently and he does a really beautiful job of explaining the purpose and how-to of creating fantastic content for your audience. Social media isn’t about the right hook i.e. making an offer for people to buy from you. It’s about building a relationship by being funny, human, engaging and opening up to your audience. Then once they are well and truly sucked in and love who you are and what you do, THEN you right hook and close the deal with an offer. So often, people think that social media is for just putting your products and services out there. It’s so NOT.

I get asked all the time ‘what do I post on Instagram?’ ‘what do I post on Linked in?’ ‘What do I post on pinterest’, etc. A lot of the time these people don’t have time to be posting on any of these platforms regularly enough to be having any positive effect. In my opinion, if you’re time poor, the one platform you should really focus on is Facebook.

And the biggest thing with Facebook at the moment is posting LESS but posts of a HIGHER QUALITY. I used to tell clients to just post one image they’d used on insta for the day on Facebook but I now think this is not such as great idea. And let me tell you why. Facebook algorithm is changing so rapidly. It now favours good content. How does it judge what good content is? From the engagement you’ve received organically from previous posts. One doozy of a post that gets no traction is basically going to mess up the reach for the rest of the posts you post.

I managed a page for a client recently who had a few thousand followers on Facebook. Now let me tell you, it’s not unusual for pages with medium sized followings to get ZERO engagement and have a tiny percentage of their audience reached. This woman on the other hand had the most engaged audience I’ve ever seen. Each of her posts were human. They used the language of her followers, showed great imagery and gave them what they wanted – great deals, great content and something to get excited about!

So, when it came time to run a competition, we got an organic reach of over TEN THOUSAND people! Cray cray!!

If this teaches you anything, it’s to start nurturing your audience on Facebook. Don’t post crap content. Don’t post every day.

So what constitutes un-crap content? Here’s my recommendation:

-       Once a week do a Facebook live session where you share some really valuable content for your audience. This could be your top social media tips, a book review with a tonne of juicy bits that people can use in their own business. It could be details of a fantastic competition.

-       Funny videos – humour is the way to everyone’s heart. Act human. Just because it’s a business page doesn’t mean it has to be stiff and dead boring.

-       Talk like your customers talk. Relate to them. Again, to risk sounding like a broken record ACT HUMAN.