Think of us as your own dedicated marketing team! This is the key service we provide for established businesses as it is a more cost-effective way than hiring someone (or multiple team members) in-house.  


Access to specialists in the following areas:

  • Social media management

  • Google ads

  • Facebook ads

  • Lead generation

  • Graphic design

  • Web design and coding

  • PR

  • Copywriting

You only pay for the hours that you need us and we provide regular strategy sessions to keep the finger on the pulse with what’s going on in your business and industry.

We act as an extension of your team with pros in copy writing, graphic design, SEO, social media and web design, it's far more affordable to hire us than it is to hire 5 specialists! We start with an in-depth strategy session at the beginning of each month to discuss goals and anything that's coming up. From there, we interact via email and our advanced project management tool as needed. Each month a detailed report is provided outlining progress and results. 

 This is perfect for you if:


Give it a miss if:

- You are an existing business which is 2+ years old.

- You have other employees.

- You’re at the stage where you know that you can’t keep DIY-ing your marketing any longer.

- You’re ready to be hands-off with your marketing and leave it in the hands of an expert team.


- You (or someone within your business) does not have the time to put aside to collaborate.

- You aren’t open to using our project management tool to keep track of revisions and communication (don’t worry, we make it SUPER simple!)

- You don’t have the budget for advertising.

Example packages (each client has different needs and will be given a custom package depending on their needs and budget).

Untitled design (6).png

Each package has a basic set offering each month…

• Social media management for 2 platforms

• Monthly team meeting

• Monthly report

• Strategy session

• Digital advertising campaign creation and management (Facebook/instagram + Google PPC)

• 1 Facebook video per month (not videography)

Untitled design (31).jpg

Plus the addition of 5, 10, 15 or 20 additional hours each month of ‘other services’ including:

• Website management - updating content, website changes

• Graphic design

• Copywriting

• Email marketing

• Audits and strategies

• Team training and accountability

• Additional meetings, strategy sessions, revisions, communication and calls

The Process

  • Monthly strategy session

    At the start of each month, we'll have a phone/skype meeting to discuss what's coming up and any campaigns, projects etc. This will be used to prioritise your package inclusions and where you'd like to direct your hours for the month. Don't worry about keeping tracking of all of this via email, we will hook you up with our project management tool which we'll use to communicate.

  • Monthly report

    Each month you'll be provided with a detailed report on all key metrics.

  • Flexible payment options

    Pay weekly or monthly, the choice is yours!

  • Rest easy knowing your marketing is being handled by a team of professionals

    With experts in web design, strategy, Facebook ads, lead generation, graphic design and copywriting, get ready for your marketing to be taken to a whole new level.


Got questions?

Do you have lock-in contracts?

Nope! We do ask you commit to a minimum of three months, then it’s just month-to-month. All you need to do is give us 10 business days written notice of your intent to cancel.

What is your payment schedule?

We offer the option of paying an affordable weekly fee or upfront on the 1st of each month.

How quickly can I work with you?

It varies month-month. We only take on two new clients a month so the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get started!


Can you create a custom package for me?

Abso-freakin’-lutely! All of our virtual marketing management packages are customised to you and your businesses needs. Our 5, 10, 15 hour package add-ons allow you to get the customised marketing support you need each month.

If we don't live in the same, how does this work?

The internet is a wonderful thing! The majority of our clients we’ve never actually met face to face! We use an AMAZING project management tool to communicate, we have monthly calls, weekly email checks in and a monthly in-depth reporting so you’ve always got your finger on the pulse.

Sounds great! How do we get started?

Let’s grab a virtual coffee date and have a chat. We like to make sure we’re a good fit before commencing. Once we’re both sure we want to work together, we’ll send you a formal agreement, your deposit invoice, start date, initial homework and access to our project management tool. Then, let the work begin! Please complete this form to get started.


1. Click the button below to tell us a little more about your vision and schedule a consultation. You’ll be taken to our ‘Get a quote’ page.

2. We will chat about your business and needs.

3. After the call, we’ll send over a contract and invoice.

4. We’ll will send over some homework for you to complete before we get started!