Inspire Greatness with Catherine Moolenschcot

At the age of 22, Catherine Moolenschot has achieved more than many people aspire to at the age of 40.

She’s given two Ted talks, written three books and built a successful business where she ‘helps CEOs and professionals write epic books’.

In this interview we talk about her crazy journey including why she chose not to take the traditional path and go to university, why she doesn’t think everyone should monetise their passion and how she manages to work with 20 clients at any one time. This girl is the QUEEN of productivity and referral business. If you’re a service-based business, this is a great one for you!

Books mentioned:

  • Deep work by Cal Newport
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • How to fail at almost everything and still win big by Scott Adams

Task management app mentioned:

You can find out more about Catherine through her website
Or connect with her on linked in