Have you been assaulting people without realising it?

They say that in any relationship there are twelve steps. I'll use a romantic relationship as an example. 

Typically, you go through the first contact, perhaps a smile across the bar. You approach, heart nervously beating as you lock eyes.

You say hi, you get chatting, you learn all about his dog Bruce, he gets your number and you hope he calls.

He does.

You end up on your first date.

The first kiss.

Then BAM he proposes. In less than 24 hours of meeting.

This, my friend, is assault. He went wayyyy too fast. Wayyy too soon. He skipped about 8 steps in between. Any time you skip more than 2 steps is considered assault. And, unfortunately, this is what most of you are doing online.

But don't worry, I've got your back and I'll teach you how to take your potential customers through the appropriate steps with these golden rules. 

Rule #1: Make the initial contact

You've gotta warm them up a little first because they do not care about you - yet. Introduce yourself online with some great content. Share value. Show your personally and give them a reason to keep listening and most importantly, trust you. The internet is a big, scary place and with literally anyone being able to set up a social media profile and a website, people's radars are on high alert. 

Rule #2 Now you've warmed them up a little, get them hot. 

Provide another awesome piece of content and value. This could be some deeper information on the topic they first expressed interest in, it could be a free resource or an initial consultation, it could even be a makeup tutorial (if that's what you're selling). 

At NO point during these first two steps should you even consider pitching to them. Do not sell! Build that relationship and give value! Otherwise, you're assaulting them. You've gone straight for marriage before you've even got their number. 

Rule #3 Give them an offer they can't refuse

Now is the time to put the soft sell on them. Give them a sneaky little discount code or a sweet deal that has a time limit. Woo them. Make them feel special and like they're the only customer for you. 

Are you getting the idea? Don't just go straight in for the sell. This is something that makes me want to bang my head against the wall, particularly when it comes to Facebook and advertising. So many people just post about their deals, their products, their services. Why should we care? We don't know you. We don't know your products and we aren't interested - yet. 

This is why Facebook ad retargeting is particularly AMAZING. You're sending that sweet deal to people who are already interested. You're not pitching to a cold audience who doesn't give a firetruck! 

Interested in this Facebook retargeting business but it all seems too techie and over your head? Don't worry, I got you. I can help get your pixel and your retargeting campaign set up during a consultation. Just email me on hello@kissmarketing.com.au for more info.

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