9 signs it's time to outsource your online marketing

At what point should you consider outsourcing your online marketing? Unless you have a team of graphic designers, social media managers, web developers and PR pros, that answer is probably: now. Here's 9 signs it's time. 

1) Your idea of online marketing is a last minute email with a price reduction offer and a Facebook post once a week. 

Oh boy, you're my worst nightmare! The thing about marketing is you need to have a strategy. And a plan. And the skills and time to implement it. You can't expect results without any of these elements and I'm sorry to say, but this half-arsed effort is a waste of time. 

2) One of the admin staff is posting occasionally on instagram/facebook/linked in for the business. No one gives it a second thought or works to optimise results because it's not their job and they're all busy.

Tammy from accounts in charge of your social? How's that going for you? A marketing agency will be able to look at what you've executed so far, pull all of the data and let you know what has and hasn't worked. Oh, and they'll also install the Facebook pixel so you can actually see the ROI. Amazing! 

3) Business has grown

With a growing business comes a longer to-do list for you AND your staff members. Social media and online marketing are probably at the bottom of the to-do list with everything else going on. The longer you leave it, the longer your business suffers and the more missed opportunities there are. To keep that growth going, marketing needs to continue. This need for momentum is the primary reason to call in an agency to take care of marketing for you, taking it off your to-do list.

4) You lack the skill-set

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you don't have mad skillz. You've obviously done a great job with your business so far but perhaps your zone of genius doesn't lie in updating your website, running effective adword campaigns, running great facebook and other social marketing or email marketing. There's a reason why there are marketing degrees out there - it requires a professional. Why put money into advertising online if you're not going to do it properly? You could literally be flushing money down the drain if ad spend isn't implemented appropriately. 

5) Your industry/market is changing

Younger, more tech savvy competitors are entering the market and you're worried they're going to take market share. For you, this is uncharted territory. Why spend hours and hours trying to work it out yourself when you can hire an agency to do it for you? A good agency will know the direction your market is going in, what your (tech savvy) competitors are doing and how to outshine them all. 

6) Content creation is your worst nightmare

Did someone say blog post? Blogs and email marketing are the heart and soul of a marketing plan. I'm betting you despise throwing them together? What was meant to take you an hour has taken a whole bloody afternoon! And that link in the email didn't work. #fail. Let the paid professionals handle it instead. They do this for a living, they must at least kind of enjoy it. A marketing agency can take this tedious task right off your hands. Plus, we'll make sure all of the links work. 

7) You want to do other things with your life. 

Look, why did you become an entrepreneur in the first place? Was it so that you could slave away for 18 hours a day, never see your family, and end up having a heart attack before you’re 40? No! Of course not! You wanted a better life, the opportunity to captain your own ship. But if you’re bogged down taking care of everything yourself, you’ll never find the time to live the life you dreamed of. Outsourcing your online marketing will free up SO much time for you and your team. Not to mention it will be a lot more effective than what Tammy from accounts is putting out there. 

8) You have ideas for eBooks and white papers, but never have time to write them.
You’re the idea guy or gal, remember? Of course you have awesome ideas for useful white papers and interesting eBooks! But who has the time to stop what they’re doing, sit down for a day or so, and craft the perfect text? An online marketing company, that’s who!

9) You need the marketing expertise but don’t want to manage multiple agencies or hire multiple staff members. 

With an agency, you get multiple people with a varied skill set focused on driving results. The only way to do that in house would be to hire a big team. Sure, you could put an ad out for a marketing specialist but what are they chances you'll find someone who is an epic graphic designer, web developer, copy writer, social media manager and PR pro? Um. Zero. Ditto applies to hiring an intern. Good luck! 

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