Digital Marketing Guide - Jargon buster.jpg

Don't get overwhelmed by the digital marketing techno-babble

I see so many clients who have decided that SEO or banner ads are the way to grow their business. They've had stats and big words thrown at them without truly understand if this is the right path for their business. 

In this free guide, I've given a rundown of all the jargon and the key tools us digital marketers LOVE. I hope that this helps you feel confident in taking action to grow your business in the online space. 

You will learn all about:

  • Which social media channels are right for your business (if any) using solid research and data. No guessing here!
  • Email marketing - is it still relevant?
  • SEO vs Google Adwords - what do they mean and DO they work? Also, do you even need them or is this just something some Indian guy cold emailing you is convincing you you need?
  • Banner ads - please stop. These don't work. This guide shows you why.
  • Getting your own diagnosis - a clear outline on which option works best for YOUR business.