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There are a lot of cowboys in our industry. What we do isn’t rocket science but it does require strategy and gumption.

We educate and inspire business owners to take control of their marketing. For some, that means we give them the systems and strategy and they implement internally, for others we act as their virtual marketing manager for all things marketing or for a particular service.

The thing that sets us apart? We give a damn.

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Our Biz Beliefs and Values

> The best marketing strategy is simple and gets real results. Ain’t nothing fluffy about what we do.

> We work with people we like and with companies we believe in.

> What got you there is not enough to keep you there.

> We work free from time and space.

> Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.

> If something isn’t working, pivot!

> A problem has more than one solution.


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Our promise to you

No cookie cutter approaches.

Start small, get a proven return on ad spend then scale from there.

We constantly look for opportunities and improvements.

If something isn’t working, we pivot. Unlike other agencies where you sign up for a set scope and service, if that doesn’t work then we find a solution that does.

We are always honest and have your best interests at heart. If that means we have to push back on a suggestion because we have a better solution, we will. We are not ‘yes’ people unless we know it is something that will get you results. In short, we give a damn.

We’re invested in you and your business. You’re not another number.

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To date, we have helped our clients grow their businesses:

Generate leads on demand for high-ticket services

Build strong brands and partnerships

Achieve a 8 x Return On Ad Spend

Achieve 987% increase in website traffic in 3 months

Take their social media pages from ghost towns to having enquiries daily

Build complex, custom ecommerce websites that accommodates 600+ products with 35 variations

Rebrand, taking them from drab 1990s to fab 2019

Implement effective marketing solutions inside their business

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As they say, it takes a village. Or in this case, dedicated digital pros…


Our in-house specialists can deliver:

  • Web design and coding

  • Graphic design and animation

  • Branding

  • Copywriting and PR

  • + MORE

For those special projects that require another skill-set we have a trusted network of third-party suppliers who we know deliver exceptional work.

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Meet the rest of the team



After years in graphic design, Paola had a vision: the next few years would be social media, mobile, and business relevant, and she definitely had to be part of it. Fast forward to the future, Paola is now Kiss Marketing’s resident marketing coordinator who helps you look awesome online. When she’s not switched on to social media, she’s a photographer, a self-proclaimed chef, and a fur mum to her dog, Cookie.

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An accountant by trade, Carly understands the importance of businesses receiving a clear return on investment for their marketing and advertising dollars. An absolute people-person, Carly is client focused and loves getting to I know our clients and treating their business as if they were her own.

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Oana is design obsessed. She loves creating visually stunning branding and advertising campaigns. Her ability to understand the client's requirements quickly and take on new challenges makes her an irreplaceable member of the Kiss team. You haven't met a perfectionist quite like her. Oana LOVES to travel and is a total caffeine addict (like the rest of us).  

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With extensive agency experience, Elizabeth has a true talent for stringing a sentence together. From blog posts to press releases, she nails a brands tone of voice every time.

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What does Sonya hate more than spilling her coffee? Dodgy af web developers who rip their clients off. Thankfully Sonya and Randy have this in common. Randy cut his teeth developing software in the US for a company who created SAP software and Systems. A hard-core coder and developer, Randy's extensive web experience far exceeds what we typically find the in the Australian marketplace. He has a special knack for balancing aesthetics and functionality, a truly rare skill. Kiss is thrilled to be able to offer his expertise to our clients.

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